t@quwphah <08622>

hpwqt t@quwphah or hpqt t@quphah

Pronunciation:tek-oo-faw' tek-oo-faw'
Origin:from 05362
Reference:TWOT - 2001a
PrtSpch:noun feminime
In Hebrew:tpwqt 1, twpqtl 1, tpwqtl 1, wtpwqtw 1
In NET:end 2, beginning 1
In AV:end 2, circuit 1, come about 1
Definition:1) coming round, circuit of time or space, a turning, circuit
1a) at the circuit (as adverb)
or tquphah {tek-oo-faw'}; from 5362; a revolution, i.e. (of
the sun) course, (of time) lapse:-circuit, come about, end.
see HEBREW for 05362

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