T@qow`iy <08621>

yewqt T@qow`iy or yeqt T@qo`iy

Pronunciation:tek-o-ee' tek-o-ee'
Origin:patronymically from 08620
PrtSpch:adjective genitive
In Hebrew:yewqth 3, Myeqth 1, tyeqth 1, tyewqth 1, Myewqth 1
In NET:Tekoa 3, Tekoan 2, Tekoite 2
In AV:Tekoite 5, Tekoah 2
Definition:Tekoite = see Tekoa "trumpet blast"

1) an inhabitant of Tekoa
or Tqo iy {tek-o-ee'}; patronymically from 8620; a Tekoite or
inhabitant of Tekoah:-Tekoite.
see HEBREW for 08620
in Bible:
Tekoa (NET)
Tekoan (NET)
Tekoite (NET, KJV, NIV, NRSV, TEV)
Tekoites (NASB)
the men of Tekoa (NIV)

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