ta`ab <08581>

bet ta`ab

Origin:a primitive root
Reference:TWOT - 2530
In Hebrew:betn 3, bett 3, ynwbet 2, betyw 2, wbyethw 1, wbety 1, betw 1, ynwbetw 1, hbetaw 1, Mybetmh 1, wnbett 1, betml 1, bety 1, ybettw 1, wbyeth 1, tbeth 1
In NET:hate 3, abominable 2, abhor 2, despised 1, commit 1, despises 1, disgraced 1, thrown away 1, rejected 1, disgusted 1, wicked 1, detest 1
In AV:abhor 14, abominable 6, abominably 1, utterly 1
Definition:1) to abhor, be abominable, do abominably
1a) (Niphal) to be abhorred, be detested
1a1) in the ritual sense
1a2) in the ethical sense
1b) (Piel)
1b1) to loathe, abhor, regard as an abomination
1b1a) in the ritual sense
1b1b) in the ethical sense
1b2) to cause to be an abomination
1c) (Hiphil) to make abominable, do abominably
1c1) in the ritual sense
1c2) in the ethical sense
a primitive root; to loathe, i.e. (morally) detest:-(make
to be) abhor(-red), (be, commit more, do) abominable(-y), X

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