t@mowl <08543>

lwmt t@mowl or lmt t@mol

Pronunciation:tem-ole' tem-ole'
Origin:probably for 0865
Reference:TWOT - 2521
In Hebrew:lwmt 8, lwmtk 6, lwmtm 6, lmtm 2, lmtk 1
In NET:yesterday 4, before 3, past 2, once 1, previous occasions 1, time 1, previously 1
In AV:times past + 08032 7, heretofore + 08032 6, yesterday 4, as 3, beforetime + 08032 2, about these days 1
Definition:1) before, before that time, beforetime, heretofore, of late, of old,
these days, time(s) past, yesterday, day before yesterday, recently,
1a) yesterday
1a1) recently, formerly (usual usage) (fig)
1b) as formerly, so more recently
1c) from yesterday, already
or tmol {tem-ole'}; probably for 865; properly, ago, i.e. a
(short or long) time since; especially yesterday, or (with
8032) day before yesterday:-+ before (-time), + these
(three) days, + heretofore, + time past, yesterday.
see HEBREW for 0865
see HEBREW for 08032

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