Tuwbal Qayin <08423>

Nyq lbwt Tuwbal Qayin

Pronunciation:too-bal' kah'-yin
Origin:apparently from 02986 (compare 02981) and 07014
PrtSpch:noun proper masculine
In Hebrew:Nyq 2
In NET:Tubal-Cain 2
In AV:Tubalcain 2
Definition:Tubal-cain = "thou will be brought of Cain"

1) son of Lamech by his wife Zillah and the first worker in metal
apparently from 2986 (compare 2981) and 7014; offspring of
Cain; Tubal-Kajin, an antidiluvian patriarch:-Tubal-cain.
see HEBREW for 02986
see HEBREW for 02981
see HEBREW for 07014
in Bible:
Tubal-Cain (NET, KJV, NIV, TEV)
Tubal-cain (NASB, NRSV)

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