ta' <08372>

at ta' and (fem.) hat ta'ah (\\#Eze 40:12\\)

Pronunciation:taw taw-aw'
Origin:from (the base of) 08376
Reference:TWOT - 2484
PrtSpch:noun masculine
In Hebrew:*wyatw {watw} 3, at 2, athw 2, Myath 2, twath 1, ath 1, *wyat {wat} 1, yatw 1
In NET:alcoves 10, guardroom 2, alcove 1
In AV:little chamber 11, chamber 2
Definition:1) chamber, guardroom
and (feminine) ta ah (Ezek. 40:12) {taw-aw'}; from (the base
of) 8376; a room (as circumscribed):-(little) chamber.
see HEBREW for 08376

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