sherets <08318>

Urv sherets

Origin:from 08317
Reference:TWOT - 2467a
PrtSpch:noun masculine
In Hebrew:Urs 8, Ursh 6, Ursb 1
In NET:swarming things 7, swarming thing 4, creatures 1, creeping thing 1, swarms 1, thing on the ground 1
In AV:creeping thing 11, creep 2, creature 1, move 1
Definition:1) teeming or swarming things, creepers, swarmers
1a) of insects, animals, small reptiles, quadrupeds
from 8317; a swarm, i.e. active mass of minute
animals:-creep(-ing thing), move(-ing creature).
see HEBREW for 08317

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