shiryown <08302>

Nwyrv shiryown or Nyrv shiryon and Nyrv shiryan also (fem.) hyrv shiryah and hnyrv shiryonah

Pronunciation:shir-yone' shir-yone' shir-yawn' shir-yaw' shir-yo-naw'
Origin:from 08281 in the original sense of turning
Reference:TWOT - 2466a 2465a
PrtSpch:noun masculine/feminime
In Hebrew:Nyrsh 2, twnyrsw 1, Nwyrsw 1, Mynyrshw 1, Nwyrsh 1, hyrsw 1, Nwyrs 1, Nyrsk 1
In NET:body armor 5, armor 2, breastplates 1
In AV:habergeon 3, coat 2, harness 2, coat of mail 1, breastplate 1
Definition:1) body armour
2) a weapon
2a) perhaps a lance, javelin
or shiryon {shir-yone'}; and shiryan {shir- yawn'}; also
(feminine) shiryah {shir-yaw'}; and shiryonah {shir-yo-naw'};
from 8281 in the original sense of turning; a corslet (as if
twisted):-breastplate, coat of mail, habergeon, harness.
See 5630.
see HEBREW for 08281
see HEBREW for 05630

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