sh@re' (Aramaic) <08271>

arv sh@re' (Aramaic)

Origin:a root corresponding to that of 08293
Reference:TWOT - 3048
In Hebrew:arsmw 1, wyrsw 1, arsml 1, ars 1, Nyrs 1, Nyrtsm 1
In NET:decipher 2, began 1, gave way 1, resides 1, untied 1
In AV:loose 2, dissolve 2, dwell 1, began 1
Definition:1) to loosen, abide, begin
1a) (P'al)
1a1) to loosen
1a2) to abide (from loosing girths for camp)
1b) (Pael) to begin, open
1c) (Ithpael) to be loosened
(Aramaic) a root corresponding to that of 8293; to free,
separate; figuratively, to unravel, commence; by implication
(of unloading beasts) to reside:-begin, dissolve, dwell,
see HEBREW for 08293

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