sha`aruwrah <08186>

hrwrev sha`aruwrah or hyryrev sha`ariyriyah or trrev sha`arurith

Pronunciation:shah-ar-oo-raw' shah-ar-ee-ree-yaw' shah-ar-oo-reeth'
Origin:from 08176 in the sense of 08175
Reference:TWOT - 2439b
PrtSpch:noun feminime
In Hebrew:hrwresw 1, trres 1, hrwres 1, *hyrwres {hyryres} 1
In NET:disgusting thing 1, horrible 1, something revolting 1, something shocking 1
In AV:horrible thing 4
Definition:1) horrible thing
or shanariyriyah {shah-ar-ee-ree-yaw'}; or shaparurith
{shah-ar-oo-reeth'}; feminine from 8176 in the sense of 8175;
something fearful:-horrible thing.
see HEBREW for 08176
see HEBREW for 08175

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