Shom@roniy <08118>

ynrmv Shom@roniy

Origin:patrial from 08111
PrtSpch:noun proper masculine
In Hebrew:Mynrmsh 1
In NET:people of Samaria 1
In AV:Samaritans 1
Definition:Samaritans = "of Samaria"

1) inhabitants of Samaria
patrial from 8111; a Shomeronite (collectively) or
inhabitants of Shomeron:-Samaritans.
see HEBREW for 08111
in Bible:
cities of the north (NET)
people of Samaria (NIV)
Samaria (NET, NASB)
Samaritan (NET)
Samaritans (KJV, TEV)
the people of Samaria (NRSV)

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