shalash <08027>

vlv shalash

Origin:a primitive root perhaps originally to intensify, i.e. treble
Reference:TWOT - 2403
In Hebrew:tslsm 2, tslsw 2, wslsyw 1, slsmh 1, slsm 1, twslsm 1, wsls 1
In NET:third 3, divide into thirds 1, three 1, three years old 1, three-stranded 1
In AV:three years old 3, third time 2, threefold 1, three 1, three parts 1, three days 1
Definition:1) to do a third time, do three times, divide in three parts
1a) (Piel) to do a third time, divide into three parts
1b) (Pual) to be three years of age, be threefold
a primitive root perhaps originally to intensify, i.e.
treble; but apparently used only as denominative from 7969, to
be (causatively, make) triplicate (by restoration, in
portions, strands, days or years):-do the third time,
(divide into, stay) three (days, - fold, parts, years old).
see HEBREW for 07969

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