p@canteriyn (Aramaic) <06460>

Nyrjnop p@canteriyn (Aramaic) or Nyrtnop p@canteriyn

Pronunciation:pis-an-tay-reen' pes-an-tay-reen'
Origin:a transliteration of the Gr psalterion
Reference:TWOT - 2943
PrtSpch:noun masculine
In Hebrew:Nyrtnop 3, Nyrjnop 1
In NET:harp 4
In AV:psaltery 4
Definition:1) a stringed instrument (triangular)
1a) perhaps a lyre or a harp
(Aramaic) or pcanteriyn {pes-an-tay-reen'}; a
transliteration of the Gr. psalterion; a lyre:-psaltery.

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