`athiyd <06264>

dyte `athiyd

Origin:from 06257
Reference:TWOT - 1719a
In Hebrew:*Mhytwdwtew {Mhytdytew} 1, tdte 1, Mydte 1, Mydyteh 1, dyte 1
In NET:prepared 2, impending judgment 1, looted 1, ready 1
In AV:ready 4, things that shall come 1, variant 1
Definition:1) ready, prepared
1a) ready
1b) ready, skilled
1c) prepared, impending
1d) prepared, stored up, treasure
from 6257; prepared; by implication, skilful; feminine plural
the future; also treasure:-things that shall come, ready,
see HEBREW for 06257

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