`araph <06202>

Pre `araph

Origin:a primitive root [identical with 06201 through the idea of sloping]
Reference:TWOT - 1700
In Hebrew:wtprew 2, Prey 1, wprew 1, hpwreh 1, Pre 1
In NET:neck 2, break 1, break neck 1, break the neck 1, breaks neck 1
In AV:break..neck 2, strike off 1, break down 1, cut off..neck 1, behead 1
Definition:1) (Qal) to break the neck (of an animal)
a primitive root (identical with 6201 through the idea of
sloping); properly, to bend downward; but used only as a
denominative from 6203, to break the neck; hence
(figuratively) to destroy:-that is beheaded, break down,
break (cut off, strike off) neck.
see HEBREW for 06201
see HEBREW for 06203

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