`aqash <06140>

vqe `aqash

Origin:a primitive root
Reference:TWOT - 1684
In Hebrew:wsqey 1, ynsqeyw 1, sqemw 1, sqenw 1, wsqe 1
In NET:behaves perversely 1, deceitful 1, declare perverse 1, perverse 1, pervert 1
In AV:perverse 2, pervert 2, crooked 1
Definition:1) to be perverse, twist, pervert, make crooked, prove perverse,
declare perverse
1a) (Niphal) to be crooked
1b) (Piel) to twist, distort, pervert, make crooked
1c) (Hiphil) to declare crooked
1d) (Qal) perverse
a primitive root; to knot or distort; figuratively, to
pervert (act or declare perverse):-make crooked, (prove,
that is) perverse(-rt).

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