`Eyn-Do'r <05874>

rad-Nye `Eyn-Do'r or rwd Nye `Eyn Dowr or rd-Nye `Eyn-Dor

Pronunciation:ane-dore' ane dore ane-dore'
Origin:from 05869 and 01755
PrtSpch:noun proper locative
In Hebrew:rd 1, rwd 1, rad 1
In NET:Endor 2, En Dor 1
In AV:Endor 3
Definition:En-dor = "fountain of Dor"

1) a place in the territory of Issachar yet possessed by Manasseh;
located 4 miles (6.5 km) north of Tabor
1a) place of residence of the spiritist consulted by king Saul
or mEyn Dowr {ane dore}; or Eyn-Dor {ane-dore'}; from 5869
and 1755; fountain of dwelling; En-Dor, a place in
see HEBREW for 01755
in Bible:
En Dor (NET)
En-Dor (KJV, TEV)
En-dor (NASB, NRSV)
Endor (NET, NIV)

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