Cela` [email protected] <05555>

twqlxmh elo Cela` [email protected]

Pronunciation:seh'-lah ham-makh-lek-oth'
Origin:from 05553 and the pl. of 04256 with the article interposed
PrtSpch:noun proper locative
In Hebrew:twqlxmh 1
In NET:Sela Hammahlekoth 1
In AV:Selahammahlekoth 1
Definition:Sela-hammahlekoth = "the cliff of escapes" or "the cliff of divisions"

1) a rock or cliff in the wilderness of Maon, southeast of Hebron, the
scene of an escape of David from Saul
from 5553 and the plural of 4256 with the article interposed;
rock of the divisions; Sela- ham-Machlekoth, a place in
see HEBREW for 05553
see HEBREW for 04256

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