Cukkowth [email protected] <05524>

twnb twko Cukkowth [email protected]

Pronunciation:sook-kohth' ben-ohth'
Origin:from 05523 and the (irreg) pl. of 01323
PrtSpch:noun proper
In Hebrew:twnb 1
In NET:Succoth Benoth 1
In AV:Succothbenoth 1
Definition:Succoth-benoth = "the daughter's booth"

1) Assyrian or Babylonian deity worshipped by the Babylonians in Samaria
from 5523 and the (irreg.) plural of 1323; booths of (the)
daughters; brothels, i.e. idoalatrous tents for impure
see HEBREW for 05523
see HEBREW for 01323
in Bible:
Succoth Benoth (NET, NIV)
Succoth-benoth (NASB, NRSV)
Succoth-Benoth (KJV, TEV)

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