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Kyon [email protected]

Origin:from 05258
Reference:TWOT - 1375b 1377a
PrtSpch:noun masculine
In Hebrew:ykyon 3, Mkyon 1, wmkyon 1, Mhykon 1
In NET:commanders 1, cast images 1, drink offerings 1, leaders 1, rulers 1, subjects 1
In AV:prince 3, drink offering 1, duke 1, principal 1
Definition:1) poured out, libation, molten image, one anointed
1a) libation, drink-offering
1b) molten image
2) prince, anointed one
from 5258; properly, something poured out, i.e. a libation;
also a molten image; by implication, a prince (as
anointed):-drink offering, duke, prince(-ipal).
see HEBREW for 05258

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