niyr <05216>

ryn niyr or rn nir also ryn neyr or rn ner or (fem.) hrn nerah

Pronunciation:neer neer nare nare nay-raw'
Origin:from a primitive root [see 05214 05135] properly, meaning to glisten
PrtSpch:noun masculine
In Hebrew:rn 10, hytrn 9, trnh 4, ryn 4, twrnh 3, hytrnw 3, Mhytrnw 2, rnw 2, wrn 2, yrn 1, hrn 1, yryn 1, twrnhw 1, twrnb 1, trnhw 1, wrnw 1, twrnl 1, trn 1
In NET:lamps 28, lamp 15, dynasty 5
In AV:lamp 35, candle 9, light 4
Definition:1) lamp
or nir {neer}; also neyr {nare}; or ner {nare}; or (feminine)
nerah {nay-raw'}; from a primitive root (see 5214; 5135)
properly, meaning to glisten; a lamp (i.e. the burner) or
light (literally or figuratively):-candle, lamp, light.
see HEBREW for 05214
see HEBREW for 05135

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