mathkoneth <04971>

tnktm mathkoneth or tnktm mathkuneth

Pronunciation:math-ko'-neth math-koo'-neth
Origin:from 08505 in the transferred sense of measuring
Reference:TWOT - 2511c
PrtSpch:noun feminime
In Hebrew:wtnktm 2, tnktm 1, wtnktmbw 1, htnktmb 1
In NET:recipe 2, measurements specified 1, same quota 1, standard measure 1
In AV:composition 2, tale 1, state 1, measure 1
Definition:1) measurement, proportion, tale
1a) tale, tally (of bricks)
1b) measurement, proportion
or mathkuneth {math-koo'-neth}; from 8505 in the transferred
sense of measuring; proportion (in size, number or
ingredients):-composition, measure, state, tale.
see HEBREW for 08505

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