mishmar <04929>

rmvm mishmar

Origin:from 08104
Reference:TWOT - 2414f
PrtSpch:noun masculine
In Hebrew:rmsm 10, rmsmb 6, rmsmh 2, wrmsmb 1, wyrmsmbw 1, rmsml 1, Mkrmsm 1
In NET:guard 5, custody 4, imprisoned 2, contingent 2, prison 2, Post 1, another 1, guards 1, vigilance 1, services 1, watchmen 1, guarding 1
In AV:ward 12, watch 4, guard 3, diligence 1, offices 1, prison 1
Definition:1) place of confinement, prison, guard, jail, guard post, watch,
1a) jail, prison, guard-house
1b) guard, guard post, act of guarding
1c) observances
from 8104; a guard (the man, the post or the prison); a
deposit (fig.); also (as observed) a usage (abstr.), or an
example (concr.):-diligence, guard, office, prison, ward,
see HEBREW for 08104

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