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hqwum [email protected] or hqum [email protected]

Pronunciation:mets-oo-kaw' mets-oo-kaw'
Origin:from 04690
Reference:TWOT - 1895e
PrtSpch:noun feminime
In Hebrew:hqwumw 2, Mhytwqumm 2, Mhytqwummw 1, ytwqwumm 1, Mhytwqwumm 1
In NET:troubles 4, anguish 1, suffering 1, hardship 1
In AV:distress 6, anguish 1
Definition:1) straitness, distress, straits, stress
or mtsuqah {mets-oo-kaw'}; feminine of 4690; narrowness, i.e.
(figuratively) trouble:-anguish, distress.
see HEBREW for 04690

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