macmer <04548>

rmom macmer or rmom micmer also (fem.) hrmom [email protected] or hrmom [email protected] or even hrmsm [email protected] (\\#Ec 12:11\\) or (plural) Myrmom

Pronunciation:mas-mare' mis-mare' mas-mer-aw' mis-mer-aw' mas-mer-aw'
Origin:from 05568
Reference:TWOT - 1518b
PrtSpch:noun feminime
In Hebrew:Myrmoml 1, twrmoml 1, Myrmomb 1, twrmomb 1
In NET:nails 4
In AV:nail 4
Definition:1) nail
or micmer {mis-mare'}; also (feminine) macmrah {mas-mer-aw'};
or micmrah {mis-mer-aw'}; or even masmrah (Eccles. 12:11)
{mas-mer-aw'}; from 5568; a peg (as bristling from the
see HEBREW for 05568

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