mac <04522>

om mac or om mic

Pronunciation:mas mees
Origin:from 04549
Reference:TWOT - 1218
PrtSpch:noun masculine
In Hebrew:oml 13, omh 7, om 2, Myom 1
In NET:work crews 9, forced to do hard labor 5, forced laborer 1, forced labor 1, do hard labor 1, laborer 1, to do hard labor 1, slaves 1, slave 1, foremen 1
In AV:tribute 12, tributary 5, levy 4, discomfited 1, taskmasters 1
Definition:1) gang or body of forced labourers, task-workers, labour band or gang,
forced service, task-work, serfdom, tributary, tribute, levy,
taskmasters, discomfited
1a) labour-band, labour-gang, slave gang
1b) gang-overseers
1c) forced service, serfdom, tribute, enforced payment
or mic {mees}; from 4549; properly, a burden (as causing to
faint), i.e. a tax in the form of forced labor:-discomfited,
levy, task(-master), tribute(-tary).
see HEBREW for 04549

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