malown <04411>

Nwlm malown

Origin:from 03885
Reference:TWOT - 1096a
PrtSpch:noun masculine
In Hebrew:Nwlmb 3, Nwlm 3, Nwlmh 2
In NET:place where they stopped for the night 1, lodging place 1, camp 1, place where we spent the night 1, place where you camp 1, resting place 1, regions 1, spent the night 1
In AV:inn 3, lodging place 2, lodgings 1, place where they lodged 1
Definition:1) place of lodging, inn, khan
from 3885; a lodgment, i.e. caravanserai or
encampment:-inn, place where...lodge, lodging (place).
see HEBREW for 03885

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