Miysha'el <04332>

lavym Miysha'el

Origin:from 04310 and 0410 with the abbrev. insep. relatively [see 0834] interposed
PrtSpch:noun proper masculine
In Hebrew:lasym 5, lasymw 1, lasymlw 1
In NET:Mishael 7
In AV:Mishael 7
Definition:Mishael = "who is what God is"

1) the godly friend of Daniel who Nebuchadnezzar renamed Meshach; one
of the three friends who with Daniel refused to make themselves
unclean by eating food from the king's table which went against the
dietary laws which God had given the Jews; also one of the three who
were thrown into the fiery furnace for refusing to bow down to a
graven image of Nebuchadnezzar and who were saved by the angel of
the Lord
2) a son of Uzziel and a cousin of Moses and Aaron
3) one of those who stood at the left hand of Ezra when he read the
law to the people
from 4310 and 410 with the abbrev. insep. relatively (see
834) interposed; who (is) what God (is)?; Mishael, the name of
three Israelites:-Mishael.
see HEBREW for 04310
see HEBREW for 0410
see HEBREW for 0834
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