Magowr mic-Cabiyb <04036>

bybom rwgm Magowr mic-Cabiyb

Pronunciation:maw-gore' mis-saw-beeb'
Origin:from 04032 and 05439 with the preposition inserted
PrtSpch:noun proper masculine
In Hebrew:bybom 1
In NET:Terror is Everywhere 1
In AV:Magormissabib 1
Definition:Magor-missabib = "terror on every side"

1) the name given Pashur the priest by Jeremiah when Pashur smote him
and put him in the stocks for prophesying against the idolatry of
from 4032 and 5439 with the preposition inserted; affright
from around; Magor-mis-Sabib, a symbolic name of
see HEBREW for 04032
see HEBREW for 05439

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