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tntk [email protected] or tntk kuttoneth

Pronunciation:keth-o'-neth koot-to'-neth
Origin:from an unused root meaning to cover [compare 03802], Greek 5509 citwn
Reference:TWOT - 1058a
PrtSpch:noun feminime
In Hebrew:tntk 11, tntkh 6, tntkw 4, twntk 2, ytntk 2, wtntk 2, Mtntkb 1, Ktntk 1
In NET:tunic 14, tunics 6, robe 4, garments 3, clothes 1, robes 1
In AV:coat 23, garment 5, robe 1
Definition:1) tunic, under-garment
1a) a long shirt-like garment usually of linen
or kuttoneth {koot-to'-neth}; from an unused root meaning to
cover (compare 3802); a shirt:-coat, garment, robe.
see HEBREW for 03802

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