kilyah <03629>

hylk kilyah or (plural) twylk

Origin:from 03627 (only pl.)
Reference:TWOT - 983a
PrtSpch:noun feminime plural
In Hebrew:tylkh 13, twylk 5, ytwylk 4, ytylk 2, twylkh 2, ytwylkb 1, twylkw 1, tylkhw 1, ytwylkw 1, Mhytwylkm 1
In NET:kidneys 18, hearts 3, heart 2, inner thoughts 1, insides 1, kernels 1, motives 1, mind and heart 1, soul 1
In AV:kidneys 18, reins 13
Definition:1) kidneys
1a) of physical organ (lit.)
1b) of seat of emotion and affection (fig.)
1c) of sacrificial animals
2) (TWOT) reins
feminine of 3627 (only in the plural); a kidney (as an
essential organ); figuratively, the mind (as the interior
self):-kidneys, reins.
see HEBREW for 03627

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