kowkab <03556>

bkwk kowkab

Origin:probably from the same as 03522 (in the sense of rolling) or 03554 (in the sense of blazing)
Reference:TWOT - 942a
PrtSpch:noun masculine
In Hebrew:ybkwkk 7, Mybkwkh 6, Mybkwkw 6, ybkwk 4, Mybkwk 4, bkwk 2, ybkkk 1, ybkwkl 1, Mybkwkb 1, Mhybkk 1, Mybkwkl 1, Mybkwkk 1, Mybkwkhw 1, ybkwkm 1
In NET:stars 34, star 2, dusk 1
In AV:star 36, stargazers + 02374 1
Definition:1) star
1a) of Messiah, brothers, youth, numerous progeny, personification,
God's omniscience (fig.)
probably from the same as 3522 (in the sense of rolling) or
3554 (in the sense of blazing); a star (as round or as
shining); figuratively, a prince:-star((-gazer)).
see HEBREW for 03522
see HEBREW for 03554

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