Yishshiyah <03449>

hyvy Yishshiyah or whyvy Yishshiyahuw

Pronunciation:yish-shee-yaw' yish-shee-yaw'-hoo
Origin:from 05383 and 03050
PrtSpch:noun proper masculine
In Hebrew:hysy 5, whysyw 1, hysyw 1
In NET:Isshiah 6, Ishijah 1
In AV:Isshiah 3, Jesiah 2, Ishiah 1, Ishijah 1
Definition:Ishiah or Ishijah or Jesiah = "Jehovah will lend"

1) a Korhite, one of David's mighty warriors who joined him at Ziklag
2) the 5th of 5 sons of Izrahiah and one of the heads of the tribe
of Issachar in the time of David
3) a Levite, the 2nd son of Uzziel and grandson of Kohath
4) another Levite, son of Rehabiah
5) a descendant of Harim who had a foreign wife
or Yishshiyahuw {yish-shee-yaw'-hoo}; from 5383 and 3050; Jah
will lend; Jishshijah, the name of five Israelites:-Ishiah,
Isshiah, Ishijah, Jesiah.
see HEBREW for 05383
see HEBREW for 03050
in Bible:
Ishijah (NET, NIV)
Isshijah (KJV, NASB, NRSV, TEV)

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