yabam <02992>

Mby yabam

Origin:a primitive root of doubtful meaning
Reference:TWOT - 836
In Hebrew:Mbyw 1, hmbyw 1, ymby 1
In NET:perform the duty of a brother-in-law 2, fulfill the duty of a brother-in-law 1
In AV:perform the duty of an husband's brother 2, marry 1
Definition:1) (Piel) to perform levirate marriage, perform the duty of a
1a) the duty due to a brother who died childless - to marry his
widow and have a son for his name
a primitive root of doubtful meaning; used only as a
denominative from 2993; to marry a (deceased) brother's
widow:-perform the duty of a husband's brother, marry.
see HEBREW for 02993

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