chariyts <02757>

Uyrx chariyts or Urx charits

Pronunciation:khaw-reets' khaw-reets'
Origin:from 02782
Reference:TWOT - 752c
PrtSpch:noun masculine
In Hebrew:yurx 1, yurxbw 1, yuyrxbw 1
In NET:hard labor 1, picks 1, portions 1
In AV:harrow 2, cheese 1
Definition:1) a cut, thing cut, sharp instrument, sharp cutting instrument,
harrow, hoe
or charits {khaw-reets'}; from 2782; properly, incisure or
(passively) incised (compare 2742); hence, a threshing-sledge
(with sharp teeth): also a slice (as cut):-+ cheese, harrow.
see HEBREW for 02782
see HEBREW for 02742

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