cheleb <02459>

blx cheleb or blx cheleb

Pronunciation:kheh'-leb khay'-leb;
Origin:from an unused root meaning to be fat
Reference:TWOT - 651a
PrtSpch:noun masculine
In Hebrew:blxh 31, blx 20, Myblxh 7, blxm 7, wblx 7, yblx 4, blxw 4, blxk 2, hblx 2, Nhblx 2, wblxb 1, Nhblxmw 1, Mblx 1, wmblx 1, yblxb 1, Myblxhw 1
In NET:fat 73, best 10, calloused 2, all these 1, choice meat 1, those 1, fatty 1, fattest 1, prosperity 1
In AV:fat 79, fatness 4, best 5, finest 2, grease 1, marrow 1
Definition:1) fat
1a) fat (of humans)
1b) fat (of beasts)
1c) choicest, best part, abundance (of products of the land)
or cheleb {khay'-leb}; from an unused root meaning to be fat;
fat, whether literally or figuratively; hence, the richest or
choice part:-X best, fat(-ness), X finest, grease, marrow.

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