chizzayown <02384>

Nwyzx chizzayown or (plural) twnyzx

Origin:from 02372
Reference:TWOT - 633e
PrtSpch:noun masculine
In Hebrew:Nwyzx 3, Nwyzxh 1, twnyzx 1, twnyzxm 1, wnyzxm 1, twnyzxmw 1, Nwyzxk 1
In NET:vision 3, visions 2, Vision 2, dreams 1
In AV:vision 9
Definition:1) vision
1a) vision (in the ecstatic state)
1a1) valley of vision (perhaps fig. of Jerusalem or Hinnom)
1b) vision (in the night)
1c) vision, oracle, prophecy (in divine communication)
from 2372; a revelation, expectation by dream:-vision.
see HEBREW for 02372

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