chaza' (Aramaic) <02370>

azx chaza' (Aramaic) or hzx chazah (Aramaic)

Pronunciation:khaz-aw' khaz-aw'
Origin:corresponding to 02372
Reference:TWOT - 2725
In Hebrew:hzx 18, tyzx 7, htyzx 2, Nyzx 2, azxml 1, Nwtyzx 1
In NET:watching 13, saw 9, see 3, seeing 2, does seem 1, had 1, watched 1, was normally 1
In AV:see 17, saw + 01934 6, beheld + 01934 5, had 1, wont 1, beheld 1
Definition:1) to see, behold
1a) (P'al)
1a1) to see
1a2) to see, behold, witness
1a3) to behold (in a dream or vision)
1a4) customary, seemly (passive)
(Aramaic) or chazah (Aramaic) {khaz-aw'}; corresponding to
2372; to gaze upon; mentally to dream, be usual (i.e.
seem):-behold, have (a dream), see, be wont.
see HEBREW for 02372

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