zeh <02088>

hz zeh

Origin:a primitive word
Reference:TWOT - 528
PrtSpch:demonstrative pronoun
In Hebrew:hzh 703, hz 314, hzm 63, hzw 51, hzb 18, hzmw 13, hzk 5, hzl 3, hzkw 3, hzbw 1, *hz hm {hzm} 1, hzkh 1, hzlh 1
In NET:this 564, This 135, these 65, here 14, These 9, that 9, Here 6, one 6, One 5, another 5, such 4, it 4, That 3, one side 3, now 3, other 3, present 3, today 3, this very 2, time 2, same 2, both sides 2, curse 2, either side 2, ever 2, other side 2, sides 2, what 2, came from 1, There 1, Now 1, Such 1, apparent 1, each 1, How 1, Today 1, wisdom 1, another messenger 1, way 1, It 1, hereby 1, recent 1, promised 1, presently 1, side 1, so-and-so 1, the other side 1, the following 1, such a one 1, present time 1, past 1, for certain 1, follows 1, following 1, warning 1, man 1, other warning 1, world 1, either 1
In AV:this, thus, these, such, very, hath, hence, side, same
Definition:1) this, this one, here, which, this...that, the one...the other,
another, such
1a) (alone)
1a1) this one
1a2) this...that, the one...the other, another
1b) (appos to subst)
1b1) this
1c) (as predicate)
1c1) this, such
1d) (enclitically)
1d1) then
1d2) who, whom
1d3) how now, what now
1d4) what now
1d5) wherefore now
1d6) behold here
1d7) just now
1d8) now, now already
1e) (poetry)
1e1) wherein, which, those who
1f) (with prefixes)
1f1) in this (place) here, then
1f2) on these conditions, herewith, thus provided, by, through
this, for this cause, in this matter
1f3) thus and thus
1f4) as follows, things such as these, accordingly, to that
effect, in like manner, thus and thus
1f5) from here, hence, on one side...on the other side
1f6) on this account
1f7) in spite of this, which, whence, how
a primitive word; the masculine demonstrative pronoun, this
or that:-he, X hence, X here, it(-self), X now, X of him, the
one...the other, X than the other, (X out of) the (self) same,
such (a one) that, these, this (hath, man), on this side...on
that side, X thus, very, which. Compare 2063, 2090, 2097,
see HEBREW for 02063
see HEBREW for 02090
see HEBREW for 02097
see HEBREW for 02098

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