'uwlay <0194>

ylwa 'uwlay or (shortened) yla 'ulay

Pronunciation:oo-lah'ee oo-lah'ee
Origin:from 0176
Reference:TWOT - 46
In Hebrew:ylwa 44, yla 1
In NET:Perhaps 20, if 8, Maybe 7, perhaps 5, If 1, Even if 1, assuming 1, maybe 1, may 1
In AV:if (so be), may (be), peradventure, unless
Definition:1) perhaps, peradventure
2) if peradventure
3) unless
4) suppose
or (shortened) rulay {oo-lah'ee}; from 176; if not; hence
perhaps:-if so be, may be, peradventure, unless.
see HEBREW for 0176

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