daqar <01856>

rqd daqar

Origin:a primitive root
Reference:TWOT - 449
In Hebrew:ynrqdw 3, Myrqdm 2, rqdyw 1, Myrqdmw 1, whrqdyw 1, wrqd 1, whrqdw 1, rqdy 1
In NET:stab 3, wounded 2, stabbed 2, pierced 1, run through 1, thrust through 1, struck down 1
In AV:thrust through 8, pierced 1, wounded 1, stricken through 1
Definition:1) to pierce, thrust through, pierce through
1a) (Qal) to pierce, run through
1b) (Niphal) to be pierced through
1c) (Pual) pierced, riddled (participle)
a primitive root; to stab; by analogy, to starve;
figuratively, to revile:-pierce, strike (thrust) through,

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