[email protected] (Aramaic) <01763>

lxd [email protected] (Aramaic)

Origin:corresponding to 02119
Reference:TWOT - 2672
In Hebrew:Nylxdw 2, hlyxd 2, lyxd 1, ynnlxdyw 1
In NET:dreadful 2, fear 2, alarm 1, frightened badly 1
In AV:fear 2, dreadful 2, terrible 1, afraid 1
Definition:1) to fear
1a) (P'al)
1a1) to fear
1a2) terrible (pass participle)
1b) (Pael) to cause to be afraid, make afraid
(Aramaic) corresponding to 2119; to slink, i.e. (by
implication) to fear, or (causatively) be formidable:-make
afraid, dreadful, fear, terrible.
see HEBREW for 02119

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