'ahaliym <0174>

Mylha 'ahaliym or (fem.) twlha 'ahalowth

Pronunciation:a-haw-leem' a-haw-loth'
Origin:of foreign origin, Greek 250 aloh
Reference:TWOT - 34
PrtSpch:noun masculine
In Hebrew:twlhaw 2, Mylhak 1, Mylha 1
In NET:aloes 4
In AV:aloes 3, trees of lign aloes 1
Definition:1) aloes, aloe tree
1a) aloe tree
1b) aloe (perfume)
or (feminine) ahalowth {a-haw-loth'} (only used thus in the
plural); of foreign origin; aloe wood (i.e. sticks):-(tree
of lign-) aloes.

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