garah <01624>

hrg garah

Origin:a primitive root
Reference:TWOT - 378
In Hebrew:hrgy 3, wrgty 2, rgtt 2, hrgtt 2, wrgtt 1, tyrgth 1, rgthw 1, *hrgtyw {wrgtyw} 1, hrgty 1
In NET:stirs up 3, wage 2, provoke 2, bring 2, Engage 1, hostile 1, fought 1, contend 1
In AV:stir up 6, meddle 4, contend 3, strive 1
Definition:1) to cause strife, stir up, contend, meddle, strive, be stirred up
1a) (Piel) to stir up strife, excite strife
1b) (Hithpael)
1b1) to excite oneself against, engage in strife
1b2) to excite oneself (against foe), wage war
a primitive root; properly, to grate, i.e. (figuratively) to
anger:-contend, meddle, stir up, strive.

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