gephen <01612>

Npg gephen

Origin:from an unused root meaning to bend
Reference:TWOT - 372a
PrtSpch:noun masculine
In Hebrew:Npgh 13, Npg 11, Npgl 5, Npgk 5, wnpg 4, Npgm 4, Npgw 3, Mnpg 3, Mynpghw 1, Mynpgb 1, Knpg 1, Npgbw 1, Npgb 1, hnpg 1, ynpg 1
In NET:vine 31, vines 17, grapevine 5, grapes 1, grapevines 1
In AV:vine 54, tree 1
Definition:1) vine, vine tree
1a) of Israel (fig.)
1b) of stars fading at Jehovah's judgment (metaph.)
1c) of prosperity
from an unused root meaning to bend; a vine (as twining),
especially the grape:-vine, tree.

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