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Origin:from 01550
Reference:TWOT - 353g
PrtSpch:noun feminime, noun proper locative
In Hebrew:twlylg 4, hlylgh 1
In NET:Geliloth 2, land 1, region 1, territory 1
In AV:border 3, coast 1, country 1
Definition:n f
1) circuit, boundary, territory

Galilee = "circuit, district"

n pr loc
2) a territory in Naphtali largely occupied by heathen; a circuit of
towns around Kedesh-Naphtali, in which were situated the 20 towns
given by Solomon to Hiram king of Tyre as payment for his work in
conveying timber from Lebanon to Jerusalem
feminine of 1550; a circuit or region:-border, coast,
see HEBREW for 01550

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