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hlwdg [email protected] or (shortened) hldg [email protected] or (less accurately) hlwdg [email protected]

Pronunciation:ghed-oo-law' ghed-ool-law' ghed-ool-law'
Origin:from 01419
Reference:TWOT - 315e
PrtSpch:noun feminime
In Hebrew:hlwdgh 3, wtlwdg 1, *Ktlwdgw {Kytlwdgw} 1, hlwdgw 1, twldgh 1, tldg 1, twldg 1, ytldg 1, hldgh 1, wtldglw 1
In NET:great 5, greatness 4, great thing 2, great deeds 1
In AV:greatness 7, great things 3, majesty 1, dignity 1
Definition:1) greatness
1a) of man
1b) of God's greatness (as an attribute)
or (shortened) gdullah {ghed-ool-law'}; or (less accurately)
gduwllah {ghed-ool-law'}; feminine of 1419; greatness;
(concretely) mighty acts:-dignity, great things(-ness),
see HEBREW for 01419

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