bariyach <01281>

xyrb bariyach or (shortened) xrb bariach

Pronunciation:baw-ree'-akh baw-ree'-akh
Origin:from 01272
Reference:TWOT - 284a
PrtSpch:adjective, substantive
In Hebrew:xyrb 1, xrb 1, Myxyrb 1
In NET:fast-moving 1, fleeing 1, fugitives 1
In AV:crooked 1, piercing 1, nobles 1
1) fleeing

2) fugitive
or (shortened) bariach {baw-ree'-akh}; from 1272; a fugitive,
i.e. the serpent (as fleeing), and the constellation by that
name:-crooked, noble, piercing.
see HEBREW for 01272

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