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deb [email protected]`ad

Origin:from 05704 with prepositional prefix
Reference:TWOT - 258a
In Hebrew:deb 42, debw 20, wdeb 10, ydeb 10, Mdeb 4, Kdeb 4, debm 3, Mkdeb 3, hdeb 2, yndeb 1, dwebw 1, wndeb 1, debh 1
In NET:for 25, behalf 8, through 8, on behalf 7, behind 7, around 3, out 3, on 2, for the sake 2, by 2, in 2, at 1, barred me in 1, when 1, Within 1, Through 1, to 1, that protects me 1, on behalf of 1, over 1, so that 1, beside 1, with 1
In AV:at, for, by, over, upon, about, up, through
Definition:1) behind, through, round about, on behalf of, away from, about
1a) through (of action)
1b) behind (with verbs of shutting)
1c) about (with verbs of fencing)
1d) on behalf of (metaph. especially with Hithpael)
from 5704 with prepositional prefix; in up to or over
against; generally at, beside, among, behind, for,
etc.:-about, at by (means of), for, over, through, up (-on),
see HEBREW for 05704

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