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ynymy-Nb [email protected] sometimes (with article inserted) ynymyh-Nb [email protected] with 0376 inserted (\\#1Sa 9:1\\) ynymy vya-Nb Ben-'Iysh [email protected] son of a man of Jemini; or short (\\#1Sa 9:4; Es 2:5\\) ynymy vya 'Iysh

Pronunciation:ben-yem-ee-nee' ben-hah-yem-ee-nee' ben-eesh' yem-ee-nee'; eesh yem-ee-nee'; yem-ee-nee'; ben-ay'yem-ee-nee'
Origin:patron. from 01144
In Hebrew:ynymyh 4, ynymy 4, ynymy *Nbl {ynymynbl} 1
In NET:Benjaminite 8, Benjaminites 1
In AV:Benjamite 16, Benjamite + 01121 1, Benjamin 1
Definition:Benjamite = "a son of the right hand"

1) one of the tribe of Benjamin
sometimes (with the article inserted) Ben-ha-yminiy
{ben-hah-yem-ee-nee'}; with 376 inserted (1 Sam. 9:1)
Ben-miysh Ymiyniy {ben-eesh' yem-ee-nee'}; son of a man of
Jemini; or shortened (1 Sam. 9:4; Esth. 2:5) eIysh Ymiyniy
{eesh yem-ee-nee'}; a man of Jemini, or (1 Sam. 20:1) simply
Yminiy {yem-ee-nee'}; a Jeminite; (plural Bniy Ymiyniy {ben-
ay' yem-ee-nee'}; patron from 1144; a Benjaminite, or
descendent of Benjamin:-Benjamite, of Benjamin.
see HEBREW for 0376
see HEBREW for 01144
in Bible:
Benjamin (NET, NIV)
Benjaminite (NET)
Benjaminites (NET, KJV, NRSV, TEV)
Benjamite (NIV)
Benjamites (NIV)
sons of Benjamin (NASB)

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